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About us

Our syrup has come from a minor obsession with finding mulled wine. Not just warm wine with some cinnamon quills thrown in and maybe some orange juice diluting it down; I was searching for a slightly spicy, slightly sweet, smooth red wine simmered to perfection.  I sought it out in pubs and restaurants, in thriving drinking establishments and small wine bars. Occasionally I was delighted to find one I enjoyed but often I was left disappointed.

It’s easy to order a gin & tonic, a mojito or a pear cider as it’s hard to go wrong with those. So I set about making it easy to make that rather elusive perfect mulled wine.

Mulled Wine Syrup is made with 50% blood red orange juice with dark brown sugar added to caramelise, vanilla for smoothness and a complex blend of whole spices to ignite your tastebuds. It’s all simmered for hours to ensure as much flavour as possible is extracted from the spices and the liquid is beautiful and syrupy.

All that’s left for you to do is add your wine and heat. No need for you to simmer your wine and lose the alcohol content – that part’s already done.

Now that I have my perfect blend on hand I can’t resist adding it to other creations. After a trip to Spain I used it to perfect a refreshing Sangria and if I’m having a no alcohol moment I just add it to my hot chocolate instead.  Find a favourite and spice it up!


I’ll be posting my creations on Facebook and Instagram so please take a look. I’d love for you to share yours too xx